Mila Kunis Just Defended the Legitimacy of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's Marriage

In a decade that’s endured the loss of Brangelina, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, it’s hard to allow yourself to emotionally invest in any celebrity couple. That being said, there’s one we’d feel pretty confident betting on: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

The former That ‘70s Show co-stars knew each other for years (nay, decades) before anything ever turned romantic between them. But when it did, their story pretty much mirrored the romantic comedies they’d starred in.

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Kutcher, coming off a divorce from Demi Moore, and Mila, enjoying singledom in the years following her split from longtime boyfriend Macaulay Culkin, were simply “hooking up” when things got complicated.

"I did a movie called Friends With Benefits. He did a movie that was very similar called No Strings Attached. We lived our movies out," the actress told WTF podcast host Marc Maron. "We were just like, let's just hook up. Let's have fun. We're both single. We both trust each other. Everything's great."

Of course, just like in their movies, someone (Mila) ended up developing feelings.

“I was like, you know what, I actually care about you. I don't want to mess anything up so I'm just going to walk away before it becomes too much," Kunis explained. "And he was like, 'Got it.' And the next day, he showed up to my house and he was like, 'Move in with me' and I said OK."

During Marc and Mila’s lengthy conversation, the pair also touched on the speculation surrounding Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore—namely how legitimate their relationship really was. Moore was in her 40s when they wed, while Kutcher was in his late 20s, prompting many to feel as though their 8-year marriage reached only a surface level.

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"They had a normal, real relationship," Mila confirmed. "They had three kids they were raising,” she clarified, referring to Moore’s three children with ex-husband Bruce Willis: Rumer, 29, Scout, 27, and Tallulah, 24. “It was a normal life. Yeah, he was younger but he loved those kids,” she said, noting that he still has a relationship with Moore’s children.

Today, Mila and Ashton are happily (and privately) raising two children of their own: Wyatt Isabelle, 3, and Dimitri Portwood, 20 months.

A happy ending, just like their movies.

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