Mila Kunis Was Asked About Ashton Kutcher's Annoying Qualities and Here's Her Answer

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were friends long before they started dating, having co-starred on That '70s Show for years. It would be totally understandable if, like their characters Jackie and Kelso, they each had little ticks that pissed the other one off. But it turns out they couldn’t be more different than the on-screen could they played.

Kunis was promoting her new film, A Bad Moms Christmas, when she was asked about her husband’s most annoying qualities (and if they get worse around the holidays), and the actress had a surprising response.

Todd Williamson/BBMA2016/Getty

“I can give you an honest answer, and this is going to be the opposite of what you will want to hear, but my husband does not annoy me,” Kunis told E! News. “He doesn’t. He really doesn’t. I don’t know if this happens later, we’ve only been married a handful of years, you know it’s very much in the honeymoon phase. We still really love and like each other daily.”

Aw, you guys.

Jackie and Kelso have nothing on these real-life lovebirds. If only we all could say the same.

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