On Thursday, Donald Trump targeted Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski in his latest Twitter rant. In two separate tweets, President Trump flung insult after insult, placing some choice words before Brzezinski’s name, including “crazy” and “low I.Q.” But, perhaps, the lowest blow was when he accused the 50-year-old of “bleeding from a facelift.”

Brzezinski threw shade back at Trump, tweeting a photo of a box of Cheerios that reads, “Made for little hands.” However, on Friday’s episode of Morning Joe, Brzezinski addressed POTUS’s mean messages in-depth.

Before launching into the subject at hand, Brzezinski noted that she and her husband, Joe Scarborough, canceled their family vacation to Boston for the Red Sox game because they didn't want to expose their children to the inevitable circus that would ensue. "Instead it was me, TMZ, and my dogs on the street," Brzezinski joked.

Host Willy Geist asked Brzezinski about the last 24-hours, and she responded: “It’s been fascinating and frightening and really sad for our country…I’m fine. My family brought me up really tough. This is absolutely nothing. But I think, for me personally, I am very concerned about what this once again reveals about the President of the United States. It’s strange.”

Scarborough jumped into the conversation and discussed how bruised Trump’s ego becomes when strong women call him out. “He for some reason takes things so much more personally with women,” he said. “He’s so much more vicious with women."

"He always goes after Mika and it’s always personal with Mika…he attacks women because he fears women,” Scarborough went on.

Brzezinski chimed in and said, "He appears to have a fragile, impetuous, child-like ego that we’ve seen over and over again, especially with women. It's like he can't take it."

She told the audience about her recent personal tragedies, like the loss of her father and her mother suffering two heart attacks, and Trump’s tweets weren’t on the list. “Those are the things that I'm really worried about. Those are the things that really deeply impact me," she said. "The President’s tweets, whether they're personally aimed at me or aimed at me in some way, that doesn't bother me one bit, but it does worry me about the country.”

She continued: “It’s unbelievably alarming that this president is so easily played, so easily played by a cable news host. Now, what is that saying to our allies? What is that saying to our enemies?"

And in case you were wondering, Brzezinski is not sorry for her joke on Thursday’s show. “I thought it was hilarious,” she said. “I still do. I stand by my joke.”

Stay tuned for Trump’s response—we have a feeling it won’t take long. Watch the entire interview above.