These Are the Most Personal Jeans You'll Ever Own

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You can customize just about anything online these days: bags, sneakers, jewelry, tees—the list goes on. But other than embroidering your initials or your name on the waistband of a pair of jeans, there hasn't really been a stocked denim bar with a menu of every customizable cocktail you can possibly mix together. Until now. As of today, cool-girl denim brand M.i.h has launched a service titled "the Denim Girls Project," in which its customers (ie denim girls; ie you) can personalize their pieces through their choice of seven M.i.h styles (you also have the option to retailor and upcycle a pair you already own), a choice of custom cuts, and a selection of hand-stitched embroidery, '70s-inspired patches, and colorful tassels.

"I was inspired to bring together our network of denim girls to collaborate on this exciting project where they can make their denim their own in a way that hasn’t been done before," says Chloe Lonsdale, the brand's founder and chief creative officer. "Our denim girls all bring a London sense of style and a love of vintage denim to their creations. I love the fact our customers can ultimately co-create their own product with us for a totally unique result. It feels playful, modern and collaborative."

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The idea initially stemmed from one '70s-inspired patch that was created to commemorate the brand's 10-year anniversary. From there, more patches were created, they continued to sell out, and the demand grew. Now, with this service, there are endless possibilities for customization, with the promise of new offerings each season. What we love about it: You can continuously make over your jeans that's unique to you, a win-win in today's obsession with vintage denim (zero waste!) and personalization.

And finally, to mark the launch of M.i.h.'s custom denim service, Lonsdale recruited a group of influencers to share how they personalized their favorites, including musician Flo Morrissey, photographer Amanda Charchain, model Tilda Rasmussen, artist Ella Jazz, and more. Start customizing your denim at—BRB we're already working on ours.

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