When it comes to her jewelry box, Michelle Williams subscribes to the mantra "what's mine is yours."

The actress is keen on passing down her jewelry collection to her 12-year-old daughter Matilda Ledger (from her relationship with the late Heath Ledger)—as if we needed another reason to be jealous of celebrity offspring. After opening up about the the most sentimental piece of jewelry she owns—her grandmother's baby ring, if you're curious—Williams told InStyle at Tiffany & Co.'s unveiling of their new Paper Flowers collection that she doesn't plan on keeping any of her bling in the long run.

Michelle Williams lead
Credit: Jamie McCarthy

"Everything that I have will be passed down. None of it feels like it’s for me, it all feels like, ‘And that’s your 18th birthday, and your 21st birthday, and your 25th birthday, and your 30th birthday, and when you have your first kid, and when you graduate college,'” Williams said. “That’s how I look at my jewelry box.”

It's a refreshing approach, but not exactly a surprising one, especially if you hear how affectionately Williams talks about being a mom. “I don’t think I would know what to do with myself if I wasn’t a mother. I don’t know what I did before I became Matilda's mother,” she told TODAY back in January. “Everything I know about I love is because of being a mother. Before that, I didn’t understand what love was.”

We can only imagine what kind of amazing jewelry Williams will pass down to Matilda, but it's pretty safe to say Tiffany will be included in there somewhere. The actress admitted to InStyle that she has a soft spot for Tiffany & Co. in particular—especially their brand-new Tiffany blue taxis.

"I can’t wait to get in one of those. And I heard about a Tiffany Metro Card? I don’t know, if that’s a trend, I’m very excited about that," she said. "I love the heritage. I love how strongly identified it is with New York. At this point, I’ve been here for 20 years but I feel like such a loyal New Yorker that I feel loyal to Tiffany's."