Michelle Williams Looks So Different Without Her Signature Pixie Cut

Aside from growing out bangs, transitioning out of a pixie cut is probably the biggest hair struggle. Trying to control cowlicks and getting those random small pieces to stay clipped back with bobby pins are just a part of the journey. Somehow, Michelle Williams has managed to avoid all the awkward stages of growing out a pixie cut.

The actress showed up to the New York City premiere of her film After the Wedding on Aug. 6 with her hair styled in a blunt platinum bob. She wore her new haircut sleek and straight with a deep side part. While the bob has been 2019's biggest hair trend and popular among celebrities, it's so different from Williams's signature pixie cut, a look that has inspired many people to chop off their hair for the better part of the last decade.

Michelle Williams
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Williams's hair change hasn't happened overnight. The actress has subtly been growing out her pixie for the past few months and has looked amazing every step of the way. At the FYC event for FX's Fosse/Verdon in Beverly Hills California on May 31, Williams wore her hair in a long asymmetrical cut that's part pixie, part bowl cut. Her hair was styled straight, with side-swept bangs.

Michelle Williams
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Even though Williams is making the pixie grow-out look effortless, she's gotten real about how painful of a process it can be. Back in 2013, she spoke to E! News about how she was attempting to grow out her hair. "I think I’m ready. It’s on its way, slowly but surely. That’s why I’ve stayed with short hair for so long. The mid-stage is insufferable. It’s really hard on your self-esteem," she said. Preach.

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Whether or not Williams sticks with it this time around, her new bob is proof that growing out your hair can be incredibly chic.

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