Michelle Trachtenberg's Gossip Girl Season 4 Style: "I Carry a $15K Bag!"

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

At last night's BlackBerry Torch event, we chatted with Gossip Girl's resident villian, Michelle Trachtenberg, about her upcoming style in Season 4. "Georgina's back to wearing leather. She went a season and a half without wearing a lot of leather leggings and now they're back!" she told us. And when we queried Trachtenberg on her favorite look of Georgina's this season, she said, "I wore a $15,000 Valentino bag straight off the runway. It had its own bodyguard! It was intense." And as far as the rest of Georgina's wardrobe, it mirrors Trachtenberg's own: "I always know when my fittings are happening because [the wardrobe closet] is all black, which looks like my closet. Shocker!" Stay tuned for our weekly fashion sneak peeks from the new season, premiering September 13th.

—Rachel Jacoby, with reporting by Andrea Simpson

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