By Andrea Cheng
Updated Feb 14, 2015 @ 6:38 pm
Michelle Rodriguez at NYFW
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

It comes as no surprise that a celebrity's list of New York Fashion Week essentials reads something like this: lipstick, phone, her glam squad on standby, Uber (or a private car), a smile, and a good attitude. But when we asked Michelle Rodriguez, who took her front row seat at the Herve Leger fall/winter 2015 show, her answer was surprisingly blunt--in a good way.

Instead of awkwardly skimming over privileges that come with stardom (because, you know, sometimes they're not like us), she just delivered a heavy dose of honesty.

"My fashion week essentials...a list of people who's going to give me free stuff?" she laughs. "Yeah, I need a couple closets to visit, because buying things for fashion week seems absurd. You wear it once, it gets photographed so much, and you can't wear it again for another year or so."

There you have it—real talk from Rodriguez.