Their first encounter was a special one — even if Michelle did break royal protocol. 


What happens when one (unofficial) queen meets another (actually royal) queen? As it turns out, plenty of classy behavior.

During a stop on her Becoming book tour in London on Sunday night, the former First Lady discussed her first meeting with Queen Elizabeth in 2009 — and shared how touched she was by a sweet gesture from the monarch.

“We were standing in line and the Queen had on a beautiful dress — I’m sure it was covered in diamonds — and a crown," she said, according to Express. “And in the gloriousness of that outfit that she had on, she had put on the little pin badge we gave her, and I was like ‘oh, you wore the pin!’ and she just said ‘mm mm yes.’”

She added that her experiences with the Queen over the years have been filled with "warmth, graciousness and intelligence, and wit — I like her.”

Michelle Obama Queen Elizabeth
Credit: REX/Shutterstock

That first meeting in 2009 also gained notoriety because Obama broke protocol by hugging the Queen instead of the traditional curtsy and/or light handshake.

“Yikes! Sorry guys,” she joked to the London crowd. "I learned over the course of my time on the international stage to see that either hold my hands together tightly or behind my back to sort of kind of just make sure I was thinking before I reacted naturally."

Judging by the great encounters they had following that incident, it seems like the Queen wasn't too bothered by that faux-pas.