By Jennifer Davis
Updated Apr 13, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Michelle Obama World Bank Group LEAD
Credit: Jim Watson/AFP

Michelle Obama proved the power of a great LBD today when she stepped out earlier today for a Let Girls Learn event at The World Bank in Washington D.C. The First Lady was there to recognize a sizable $2.5 billion dollar contribution the bank is donating in order to help fund the education of adolescent girls in low-income countries around the world.

After thanking the bank profusely, she spoke about the importance of the generous donation. "This isn’t just a breathtaking investment of resources, it’s an expression of our belief in the power of education to transform the lives and prospects of millions of girls worldwide, as well as the prospects of their families, their communities, and, of course, their countries," she said during her speech. "And it’s also an affirmation of these girls’ extraordinary promise...When we invest in girls' education, when we embrace women in our workforce, that just doesn't benefit them, it benefits all of us."

The FLOTUS has been busy lately. Not only did she recently return from a monumental trip to Cuba, but she's been traveling the country to teach kids about the importance of gardening and healthy eating.