By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jan 27, 2016 @ 4:30 pm
Michelle Obama and Kim K Workout
Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images, Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

What do Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian have in common? Head-turning physiques, of course. Whether you're a fan of FLOTUS's perfect arms or looking to perk up your derrière like the reality star, there's no denying that these two are encouraging many women to hit the gym more often. To find out how to really sculpt toned arm like Mrs. Obama, or a rounder tush like Kardashian, we turned to fitness expert Sebastien Lagree. Lagree is the creator of the fitness equipment that has revolutionized both ladies' workouts, and he revealed his insider tips to sculpting fit limbs and a lifted backside.

"I built the equipment to target the arms, abs, and ass. I always call it the "Triple A Routine," because that’s what most women are really interested in sculpting. Many people think I like to do a lot of arm exercises for the arms, but I don’t," Lagree revealed to InStyle while further explaining, "I like to do the catfish, the teaser, and the spoon." If you're not familiar with these moves, think Pilates on steroids. Lagree broke things down a little bit more by adding, "Those exercises where you have to hold yourself in place and stabilize the movement are best for arms." If you don't have access to Lagree's machines, a plank at home is perfect. "Bend your arms a little bit and hold yourself up for a minute. This is going to really target the arms. If you’re holding yourself up with the arms slightly bent this works the three heads of the tricep to completely tone. When you do these exercises you also strengthen the shoulders, the biceps, and it tones everything around the upper body to keep the proportions equal. And that’s why people like Michelle Obama’s arms, because it’s proportional."

"If you want the Kardashian ass, this is what you’ve got to do: bungee kicks." Lagree insists that those are the best to build a little bit more roundness and increase size. "You have to engage the muscles in explosive movements. I like the bungees because you can use different strengths in short bursts of exercise." Lagree advises to make each move explosive and keep each set under 60 seconds. "Engage the glutes with really explosive kicks in short bursts of exercise for 30 to 60 seconds and then you take a minute off and go again. You can repeat this sequence five times in a row, and that will definitely give you more fullness."