Michelle Obama only has a few more months in the White House but the October InStyle cover star is still as charming as ever.

During an appearance on The Late Show Tuesday, she talked to host Stephen Colbert about how she feels about the end of her family's time at the White House. "We're almost out of there. It's definitely bittersweet," she said. "Everything is like the last. I find myself choking up. We have raised our kids in the White House. We've had so many amazing experiences. We have a phenomenal staff and we're gonna be walking away from all that."

But then Colbert got to the really important questions. "I have to ask you, what is Beyoncé really like?" Obama dished that the singer is "a sweetheart. She's smart, she's creative, she's a great mother, she loves her family, and she's just a low-key lady. We have a lot in common in that way, except I can't sing."

Even though she can't sing (though we beg to differ), the First Lady can do a pretty spot-on impression of her husband, President Barack Obama. She did an impersonation of him at the dinner table explaining how his day went after being asked by his older daughter, Malia, 18.

In her best President Obama voice, Michelle said, "'Well, I'm glad you asked that. Let me just answer that in three points. One,' and then 'One A,' and 'B.' And Sasha and I are like, 'Ugh.' Because [15-year-old] Sasha and I want to talk about our favorite song on the Lemonade album."

The First Lady then explained that her husband is actually good about leaving his day job at the White House door unless Malia asks him about it, "which we try not to have her do." She said, "It's all about the kids. 'How were your days? What's the latest gossip?' He's really into gossip because he doesn't have a life!"

Watch Obama do her impression of her husband in the clip above.

During the episode, Michelle also had fun with Colbert in a blanket fort—where they asked each other some very personal questions, like, "If you got stuck on a desert island with one famous person, who'd you pick?" Colbert chose the president. As for the First Lady? "Beyoncé," she said.

"Wait, can I change to Beyoncé?" Colbert joked.

Watch Michelle Obama and Colbert chat in their blanket fort in the clip above.