Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron's Talk on Women's Education Will Totally Inspire You

Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama
Photo: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

Education is power, especially for women, something that Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron know to be true. That's why the two sat down together on Tuesday for Glamour's The Power of an Educated Girl event in New York City, where they inspired the audience of 1,000 young ladies to set major life goals.

"There is nothing sexier than a smart woman," Theron said to the crowd at the Apollo Theater. "We have been told to live by a certain mold, especially women, and it's time to break it and it's up to us to do that. Stop waiting for men to do that, look in the mirror and see yourself and say I am sexy, I am attractive, I am smart, I am intelligent, I am powerful, I have a voice, I look cute in these jeans. Yes, I don't have long hair, I have short hair but I am still a girl and I'm still hot."

The FLOTUS, who started the Let Girls Learn campaign in March of this year, agreed, and encouraged the crowd to stay away from anyone who puts a damper on them achieving their goals. "And let's just be clear you don't want to be with a boy that's too stupid to know you're a smart, young lady and I want to encourage all of us as young women, as older women, we have to raise our own bars, you will not be successful hanging around people who drag you down," Obama said. She added that no boy is good enough to get between a young girl and her education. "If I worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn't be married to the President of the United States," she said.

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And with a room full of high school–aged girls, the two empowering ladies took the opportunity to share the advice they would give their young selves. "I would so love to go back and say to myself slow down, breathe, don't feel so rushed," Theron said.

As for the First Lady? "What is important right now is who you're going to be and how you're developing that part of yourself." Amen.

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