She compared life under the Trump administration to living with a "divorced dad."


Michelle Obama is currently facing backlash for a comment she made in reference to Donald Trump and his administration. During a stop in London for her Becoming book tour, the former first lady discussed life under the Trump administration, likening the current state of the country to being under the care of a "divorced dad."

“We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled,” she said, according to The Independent. “Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.”

The Independent reports that the comment was spoken "jokingly" to interviewer Stephen Colbert, but jokes aside, some people took issue with what her comment implies about divorced dads and their capabilities.

Obama did not mention Trump by name, but had referred to him indirectly during the event.

“This may feel like a dark chapter but any story has its highs and lows but it continues," she said. "Yes, we are in a low but we have been lower. We have had tougher times, we have had more to fear. We have lived through slavery, the Holocaust and segregation."

The former first lady also offered a message of hope to anyone who might be feeling anxious about the current political climate.

“We have always come out at the other end – better and stronger," she said. "We are moving in a direction of diversity and inclusion. No-one ever said it would be easy. We are just in the throes of the uneasy path of change.”