By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Aug 19, 2015 @ 4:45 pm
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Michael Kors goes for the gold with his new trio of scents. Quite literally—each item in his new Gold Collection of fragrances is named after a different color of the metal, including white, rose, and traditional yellow. Gold happens to be one of Kors’s signatures, which is why he turned to the precious element for his big fall beauty launch. “To me, there’s nothing more glamorous and opulent than the shimmer of gold,” the perpetually sun-kissed designer told InStyle for our September issue, now on newsstands and available for digital download.

“In today’s world, a woman can’t exactly step out in a gown and jewels every day,” he continued, “but she should be able to wear something that makes her feel a little indulgent, a little more special, wherever she's going. These fragrances do that. I think we all need a little shimmer and a little glamour in our daily lives.” (Don't we?!) The concept is that, similar to jewelry, you would pick the fragrance based on your mood for the day. “The Gold Collection is all about the woman—where she's going and how she's feeling,” said Kors.

So, which one fits what you're feeling most? Scroll down to find out.

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Feeling: Powerful
Scent: Sensuous, with a mix of pear, jasmine, and amber

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Feeling: Romantic
Scent: Enticing notes of sparkling fruits, rich florals, and soft musks

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Feeling: All-out glamorous
Scent: Shimmering scents of orange mandarin, florals, and a whiff of woodiness

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