By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Mar 01, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
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Michael Kors is going for the gold, and we're not talking Rio 2016. Rather the ever ebullient designer is thinking fragrance and the associations that come with—particularly for his new Gold Fragrance Collection.

"My girl is definitely not shy when it comes to her usage of fragrance. She's gonna play with it and use it at the back of her knee, certainly on all her pulse points, and it depends on where she's going," he tells InStyle. "I think she's smart enough to know that it's kind of like an accessory, and she's certainly happy to have a reaction or comment to the fragrance."

If you're familiar with the designer's beauty lineup, you may notice a certain 24-karat theme running throughout. The fragrance collection is no different and brings different interpretations of the precious metal. The Brilliant Gold scent ($100; mixes vibrant citrus elements like vetiver, orange flower, and mandarin, while the Rose Radiant Gold ($100; blends rich vanilla and cassis with the tropical tiare flower. "Gold is an automatic transformer—everyone looks good in it, and everyone feels incredible wearing it," Kors says. "If you put a little gold on your face, it lights up. I love what it does. It's optimistic, it's fun, it's glamorous."

For the White Luminous Gold scent ($100; in particular, Kors worked to recreate the humid jasmine aroma he caught a whiff of after stepping off a plane in Bali. "I remember saying, 'Not all of it is jasmine. How do we get the humidity in there that takes you to a place?'" he tells us. "That's what's incredible about fragrance. It takes you somewhere. My scent memories go on endlessly." For example, Estee Lauder's Youth Dew brings up memories of being a seven year-old at the beach, as it was his mother's signature scent. Halston's Z-14 fragrance, on the other hand, was his go-to as a teenager. "Patchouli suddenly makes me feel like I'm in college," he adds. "It's a very hippie moment." Perhaps a gold bohemian scent for the future? We wouldn't put it past beauty's newest golden guy.