People Are Roasting Mike Bloomberg for Spending $500 Million on His Campaign

The former New York City mayor announced he was dropping out of the race on Wednesday.

Mike Bloomberg Drops Out Reactions
Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After a disappointing performance on Super Tuesday, Michael Bloomberg suspended his presidential campaign — but the fact that he's the fourth candidate to drop out in recent days isn't what got people talking. Instead, the reported $500 million he supposedly spent out of pocket on his campaign was the topic of the day on Twitter this morning.

Naturally, people had a lot of feelings (and jokes) about it.

With an estimated net worth of $58.4 billion, $500 million is a drop in the bucket for the philanthropist and former New York City mayor, but the rest of us will keep dreaming about what we could do with even a fraction of that amount of money.

On Super Tuesday, Bloomberg only managed to win in the territory of American Samoa. In a statement announcing his campaign suspension, he said he would be endorsing Joe Biden.

"Three months ago, I entered the race to defeat Donald Trump," he tweeted. "Today, I'm leaving for the same reason. Defeating Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. It's clear that is my friend and a great American, @JoeBiden."

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