Mascara - Lead
Credit: Courtesy; Getty Images

Every 20 seconds, a tube of Miaray Fiberwig Mascara is sold in Japan, and an angel gets their wings. We almost didn't believe the hype either, until we tried the high-tech formula out on ourselves—fiber-infused mascaras have been on the market for years, but Miaray's version has benefits that extend almost as far as your skyscraper lashes will after your first coat. To keep the tiny fibers from falling into your eye (as other types are prone to do), the brand used ingredients that will cause the inky black hue to form a film-like coat on contact, then almost shrink-wraps everything into place as the liquid encapsulates each lash and dries immediately. The infusion of royal jelly extract imparts an ultra-shiny finish, as honey and apple extract provide an extra dose of moisture.

If we're being fair, maybe the phrase "false lashes in a bottle" is a more appropriate description. The mascara dries so quickly, you can layer it to your desired length in a matter of seconds, and once it sets, it literally will not budge. Only warm water will remove the film from your lashes, so rest assured that it won't run if you happen to jump in a pool, or revisit that tear-jerking Friends finale. Japan's hottest import lands at Ulta stores nationwide and starting May 3rd for $19! Here's to flawless lashes today, tomorrow, and forever—or at least until we need to restock our supply.