You would think that Meryl Streep of all people could walk into a room without a hint of social anxiety, but that's not actually the case. Even the greatest actress of our time feels the pressure to impress every once in a while by showing off, which has led to more than a couple bruises.

Streep admitted that she was showing the kid actors in Mary Poppins Returns how it's done while playing the kooky cousin to Emily Blunt's super nanny, but things hit a snag when she got injured.

Meryl Streep lead
Credit: Matt Crossick - PA Images

“We were in the middle of my big musical number, and I was showing off,” she told People. “I told them, the first thing they teach you in drama school is how to fall down. So I marched across the room and pretended to trip and fell down.”

That fall knocked more out of her than she had expected — and she counts herself lucky that bones weren't broken in the process.

“I did it so hard on both of my knees I practically broke them!” she said. “I thought, ‘Don’t be such a jerk, you’re not 11 years old anymore.'”

It might not have ended pleasantly for her, but the kids were sure impressed.

“I got a big laugh from the kids,” she said, “so it was worth it.”