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The male romper, aka the RompHim, has met its slightly more practical match. Introducing lace shorts and tops combos for men from L.A.-based brand Hologram City. They have the sartorial flair of the viral RompHim, but trips to the bathroom are made much more convenient with the division of separates.

Not convinced? The slightly NSFW sets come in an array of Insta-worthy pastels. Your #ManCrushMonday deserves to be on the cutting edge of experimental men's fashion, no? (If you answered "no," you need to reevaluate your priorities.)

Unfortunately, two pieces are more expensive than one, and each item will cost you and your lace-loving bf $49.

However, if lace isn’t really your guy’s thing, he can compromise with the brand’s selection of sporty mesh separates.

NOTE: Hologram City ALSO has a male romper, this one even more outrageous than ACED Design’s viral creation:

Hologram City vs. ACED Design? We sense a romper-clad rumble in the wings.

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P.S.: Both lace items are currently on pre-sale and will not ship until June 15.