The Gradual Gift Guide: 5 Things to Get Your Guy for the Weekend

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Monday through Friday, it's strictly high-arm holes and slim-fitting work wear. That's the way it should be. But come the weekend, as any man knows, everything should be soft. Keep in mind, there is a distinction between soft and slouchy. These five gifts are both comfortable enough to lounge in and good-looking enough to go out in.

The Sweatshirt: The Whaler by Chubbie

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Chubbies got its name from their short shorts, introduced in 2012. Now the San Francisco brand branches out into sweatshirts. Like their shorts and Hawaiian shirts, these are loudly colored. But they're also super high quality, made in the U.S.A., and fun. After years of dour vintage sweatshirts in heathered colors, it's nice to have one that channels the Zinc'd-out fun of the 1980s. ($80;

The Sock: Stance

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Sock drawers get a bad reputation for being boring. Paradoxically, loud socks live in ankle ignominy. But since Stance launched in 2009, the brainchild of tech vet Jeff Kearl, it has swept hosiery off its feet with well-made socks and graphics that are actually interesting. They've also introduced a limited edition mentality. The latest offering from the company includes the Briarpatch and Marker, designs so handsome you'll never want to wear shoes again. (Starting at $10;

The Sweatpant: Essential Sweatpant by American Giant

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American Giant is a California-based company widely acknowledged to have created the perfect hoodie. The secret is in, among other things, the high quality, all-American construction and the super soft French terry. They've brought that same mentality to sweatpants. And let's be honest: It isn't that sweatpants are gross; it's that gross sweatpants are gross (you know the kind: formless and baggy). The 6.9 oz slim-fitting pair from AG, now those are some classy-ass sweatpants. ($59;

The Sweater: Crew Neck Fair Isle Sweater by Bonobos

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In Scotland, where it's always cozy and where every man looks like Jamie from Outlander, they also know how to make a damn fine sweater. Bonobos, purveyor of pants, is none too shabby either. New for their holiday collection, this crew neck Fair Isle in pleasing hues and patterns is the closest you'll get to living in a Scottish castle and your man to being a laird. ($148;

The Sneaker: G-Knit by Greats

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Slippers are step too far. Slipper-like sneakers, though, are the right choice for weekend lounging, brunching and, well, kicking it. These boast that same sock feel that made Nike Air Knits the shoe of the decade but, at only $89, are a fraction of the price. ($89;

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