By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Dec 02, 2015 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: Matt Baron/BEImages, thegaybeards/Instagram, marcbrigdenphoto/Instagram

And here we were thinking guyliner was the boldest men would go into the beauty realm... From the ever-popular man bun to completely decorated beards, 2015 was a pretty memorable year for guys' grooming trends. While looks like Jared Leto's updo have long gone mainstream (as evidenced by the guy to your left rocking a top knot), some of the more unconventional dude beauty movements were so bold, they've since become full-on trending topics with the hashtag to prove it. As proof that guys are stepping up their grooming game, we comprised a list of the top 5 dude beauty trends taking over social media and the real world. Let's hear it for the boys—maybe they aren't as uninterested as they seem to let on...

The Man Bun

Credit: Matt Baron/BEImages, AKM-GSI

Love it or hate it, the man bun isn't going anywhere for now. The updo—most frequently seen in the wild in uber-hip locales like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Portland, Oregon, and Silverlake, Los Angeles—gained even more steam after stars like Jared Leto and Harry Styles were spotted rocking a knot, and while opinions on the look are very divisive, we can all agree that it takes a certain guy to pull one off. Just don't yank your strands back too tight, guys.

The Glitter Beard

If it looks like your guy has been dipping into your MAC pigment jars for his own use, you have the glitter beard trend to thank. Just in time for the holiday season, the best friend duo dubbed The Gay Beards have created a video on exactly how to master the effect if your guy wants to challenge your YouTube tutorial viewing history while getting festive for the office party.

The Floral Beard

What do you get when you cross that lumberjack chic aesthetic with a Coachella-worthy flower crown? A beard that bears a pretty strong resemblance to a rose garden, of course. Let the images populating the #FlowerBeard hashtag on Instagram serve as proof that guys are willing to combine their grooming skills with the art of floral arrangement.

Technicolor Hair

Credit: AKM-GSI, Noam Galai/Getty Images

Day-Glo highlights aren't just for the girls! Taking a page out of the Katy Perry handbook, stars like Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik have been dabbling with Manic Panic dyes of the blue and gray variety.

The Man Braid

True, guys have been rocking cornrows for decades, but now those pompadour-sporting boys who would typically anchor their hair into a man bun have been trying their hands at loose French braided styles, and we confess—we're not mad about it.