Men Are Responding to the #MeToo Campaign with a New Social Media Movement

Over the weekend, in the wake of the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, actress Alyssa Milano created a new social media movement to show just how widespread sexual assault and harassment in the workplace is.

The Charmed star urged women to use #MeToo to show that this problem extends far beyond Hollywood.

Responses pooled in, with women around the world opening up about their own experiences and standing in solidarity with other survivors. Now, men are chiming in with their own hashtag in support: #IHearYou.

Rituparna Chatterjee, the interim editor-in-chief of HuffPost India, started the movement with a simple tweet: “If you are a man who’s feeling overwhelmed reading about the #MeToo stories, break your silence, be an ally, tell us why with #IHearYou.”

Men began to respond, starting a movement of their own. “Thank you so much for speaking out today and please know that #IHearYou; we all do. I’m so inspired by all of you and I’m with you in this,” one wrote.

Keep scrolling to see the various responses (from men and women) to the viral hashtag.

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