By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jan 16, 2015 @ 3:01 pm
Credit: Instagram / tylerdeanking

Not to throw shade at Jared Leto and his glorious man braid, but there's a new men's grooming trend on the horizon, and it's probably one of the boldest ones we've seen yet. On the heels of women dyeing their armpit hair in Manic Panic hues, men are getting in on the technicolor trend by decking out their beards in the wildest tones of the ROYGBIV spectrum.

Like most of the edgy beauty trends today, guys were making the #ColoredBeard hashtag happen on social media, with photographer Tyler Dean King’s blue ombré effect (above) ranking at the top of our favorite rainbow beard Instagrams. Though King used a few Bumble and Bumble's Spraychalks ($19 each; to achieve the look, some guys have been going for a more permanent option.

We caught up with celebrity groomer and Dove Men+Care Hair Expert Jason Schneidman to get all the details on mastering the trend if you're so inclined. "I think it's a fun and creative way to stand out," he tells us. "I showed my three and a half year-old daughter pictures of this new phenomenon, and she loved it!"

Considering the fact that Just For Men DIY kits have been a staple in many medicine cabinets for decades, the act of dyeing your beard is nothing new, but Crayola colors take on a slightly different method. "If you have dark hair, you may have to bleach your beard before you put the dye on. Missing this step may mean the color won't pop as much," says Schneidman, who notes that deliberately-darker hues like dark green or navy can usually skip this step.

"If you already have light or blonde hair, you can skip this pre-step since the color will come through naturally." After that, the motions are similar---as with your DIY kit, Schneidman recommends isolating the area you want to color, and rubbing petroleum jelly on your hair line to prevent any stains on your skin from forming. "Use a toothbrush to apply the dye throughout your beard hair," he adds. "That way, your hair is completely covered, but you won't overdo it, and your skin doesn't get saturated." Let your strands soak up the color, but make sure to check on it periodically to achieve your desired effect.

Once you've rinsed out the dye, aftercare for your beard is just as important as the hair on your head to keep the color looking fresh. "Dyeing your beard hair, especially if you have to bleach it, can be irritating and drying on your skin and face," he says. "Try grooming products that are moisturizing for your face, like the Dove Men+Care Face range ($5 to $9;"

Even if your guy isn't the type to try out a rainbow beard, the facial hair trend isn't going anywhere, and Schneidman predicts more guys will be getting their grow on this season. "Based on the looks we saw from the Golden Globes, it's no secret that beards and facial hair are here to stay. Celebs like Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Matthew McConaughey opted to go for full beards, which I loved and also rock myself," Schneidman tells us. "For the big night, I actually styled James Corden, whose facial hair was a little less full, but I love both styles. My best advice is to ditch the clean-shaven look and grow it out!"