How Did Our Two Editors Do on the Memorial Day Challenge?

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In one corner, diet; in the other, fitness. Throughout the month of May, follow along as InStyle'screative director Rina Stone and senior style editor Ali Pew put the two summer-ready strategies to the test. Stone is focusing on nutrition, while Pew is clocking in major sweat sessions. Get caught up on what went down during Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

Rina Stone

What I Did

Over the years, I have tried many home delivery food services (low-calorie, Zone-friendly, etc.). They all have similar claims: fresh delicious gourmet food, increased energy, reduced bloating etc, etc. I never found the food to be tasty or satisfying, and the only weight loss came from lack of food all together because I couldn’t finish a meal.

While the Sakara Life Organics program seems pricey (a five-day delivery program starts at $130), there’s a good reason: The food is extremely fresh, high-quality and very satisfying. I was served 60 meals, and only once was there a repeat salad (which I loved the first time anyway) and I only found two of the meals to be not that tasty.

How I Feel

After four weeks, I look and feel better. In addition to an actual weight loss of 8 lbs, I feel lighter and overall refreshed. (I even got a dramatically different haircut that I attribute to my overall elated attitude!)

The big question you might be asking is: what now? I know that breakfast and lunch are the meals I traditionally screw up so I plan to stay the course on Sakara for two meals a day and follow some of the great recipes on the blog for dinner. (And good news West Coasters: They are launching in the greater Los Angeles area on June 1! Delivering to: L.A., Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara.)

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Ali Pew

What I Did

This week on Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body program, I did a full-body workout, mixing up all different exercises that work different parts of the body, legs and cardio, and arms and abs. I got more creative with my LISS, like running at the track and a a SoulCycle class (which I think would be considered "high-intensity," but well worth it.)

How I Liked It

The full-body workout was great. I have figured out I prefer working out all different parts of my body in one workout, not just focusing on one thing. (Maybe because you don’t get quite as exhausted?) I also learned that it helps to count in increments of 10, so if I have 40 ab bikes, I do four sets of 10 in my head. Mind games. It's amazing how much of working out is mental! So this week I am feeling good; more normal -- not super-energized like the first week, but not dead like last week.

How I Feel

Well, my abs are definitely improving. The straight-leg sit-ups were so much easier this week -- amazing!
I also realized I feel sharper and more awake on days I do the moves soon after I wake up. Turns out it's a workout for your brain, too, as you really have to think about all the moves and count them; consider technique and what’s next, etc. It all makes me more "on it" throughout the day, which is great. It's like an extra shot of caffeine! I still need to work on my keeping my eating in check though -- it never helps to eat candy, and it made the workout harder. (Though I'm still amazed at how much better I could do straight-leg sit-ups!

This program is clearly a 12-week program. I feel like I’m in a great routine of getting to the gym and knowing exactly what I’m doing. But as far as results go, I have yet to see any major changes. A few minor -- my arms feel a little more toned, and I can feel a bit more space in my clothes around my hips. I also think Kayla’s program is really great for learning how you work out best and what types of moves you like, what motivates you, and what makes you feel great, which is most important!

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