Memorial Day Challenge: Week 3, Still Full and Still Sore

Summer fitness lead
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In one corner, diet; in the other, fitness. Throughout the month of May, follow along as InStyle'screative director Rina Stone and senior style editor Ali Pew put the two summer-ready strategies to the test. Stone is focusing on nutrition, while Pew is clocking in major sweat sessions. Check back each week for an update on their progress.

Ali Pew

What I Did

This week on Kayla Itsines's bikini body program included a lot of different types of moves like tricep dips, push-ups, squats, jump squats, lunges (with tons of variations), burpees, and so so so many mountain climbers. Oh, and I can’t forget all the ab exercises: full sit-ups (which is not as common as it seems -- full sit-ups are hard!), straight-leg sit-ups, bicycles, and jackknifes. A couple of days I went to the gym and found a quiet corner and another day I went to the park with my yoga mat.

How I Liked It

I liked all the variations of moves -- who knew there were so many ways to do squats or sit-ups? A tiny bit of cardio was added thanks to skipping, which I loved. I always love cardio, it makes you sweat and gives you a bit of energy.

How I Felt

Good thing I like a challenge because this week definitely felt like one! I would say on a scale of 1-10 I was a 7 on the tired scale. I definitely felt it more this week than last; the arm and ab workouts were hard; my muscles felt exhausted; and I was sore. I felt exhausted by the mid-point of every workout, but luckily the 7 minute increments really make you push yourself. I also noticed that when I didn’t eat as well the workouts were harder. Self-control with food is so important.

Rina Stone

What I Ate

I ate more interesting combinations of fresh dark leafy greens than I ever even knew existed on Week 3 of the Sakara Life Organic program. A standout was the Dill Crunch Salad with Sage Seed Toast (below), as well as Indian-Spiced Samosas with Sweet and Spicy Chutney (which also came with a small salad).

Salad embed

How I Liked It

I’m still loving it! Since my meals are always at the ready I’m eating at much more reasonable hours than before. Bye-bye 4 p.m. lunch and 9 p.m. dinner. Breakfast is still the star, with dishes like Rose Petal Pancakes with peach butter cream and AB&J (that's almond butter and jelly) on chia toast.

How I Feel

I’m very full and often cannot finish the whole meal. My sweet tooth is not nagging me so much. (Although I did sneak a Diet Coke.) And I’m happy to say I have lost 5 lbs and feel really energized. I’m actually being hydrated by my meals, not just my H20 intake. I’m already looking forward to next week!

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