By Meredith Lepore
Jul 13, 2016 @ 9:15 am

Trying to sneak odd words into a conversation can be a tough task, but if anyone can do it—and make it entertaining—it's Melissa McCarthy.

The Ghostbusters star appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday and played a few rounds of Word Sneak with host Jimmy Fallon. The game requires the players to subtly mention unusual words and phrases in a casual conversation.

McCarthy started off strong by sneaking "ninja" right into a chat about her family's summer plans and how her children are into martial arts. "They're starting tennis camp and ... karate because they want to be 'ninjas,'" she said. "They're fighters. The little one's very aggressive." Fallon then saw his opportunity to work in his tough word, "Pikachu." He said her child's "tiny, blonde—he's a little 'Pikachu' running around." Nicely done!

Their conversation then drifted into a weirder territory of dogs going to college and Fallon talked about the importance of keeping your pets' digestive systems "regular"—his word was Fiber One. "They [dogs] deserve college," said McCarthy. "No, I think dogs should go to college I just think dogs should be regular," said Fallon. "Wet food, dry food, Fiber One."

McCarthy then got right back to her agenda sneaking "handcuffs" into her sentence. "But clean up after your dogs. Clean it up or you should be in handcuffs," she said. And she even managed to get her next one, "Hooters," in pretty quickly. "Swear to god, best bowl of Fiber One I ever had: Hooters on Third," she said to audience laughs.

Watch the rest of their memorable Word Sneak conversation in the video at top.