People Magazine - Melissa McCarthy
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Melissa McCarthy is on a roll. Her new comedy Spy opened at number one at the box office this past weekend, she's launching a clothing line this August, and she's been wowing left and right on the red carpet. So it's safe to say, life is good. However, when she first came to Hollywood, what it meant to be a successful female comedian was much different.

In the past, being funny "couldn't be through your personality or actions, you just had to look crazy," she tells People in this week's issue. "I just think that we've gotten rid of, luckily, a lot of those guidelines. Funny is funny, and it can come in 8 billion different shades and flavors, so I think it's silly to kind of limit it." She's proven that her brand of hilarity resonates, wowing audiences in Bridesmaids, The Heat, and now Spy, becoming one of Hollywood's most bankable leading ladies.

Now, she's set her sights on conquering the fashion industry, which interestingly is what McCarthy thought she'd be doing all along—she dropped out of Parsons School of Design to pursue stand up comedy. "From grade school until age 20, I had one thought in my head, which was doing women's clothing," McCarthy says. "To get to come back to it, is kind of crazy. It's pretty dreamy." The line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, will hit stores this fall and be available in sizes 4 to 28 "because women do not stop at a size 12." Preach!