Before Melissa McCarthy was caps lock Melissa McCarthy, one of Hollywood’s most successful (and hilarious) actresses, she was one of Stars Hollow’s kooky yet lovable residents through seven seasons (and a revival) of Gilmore Girls.

Once the series left the air in 2007, McCarthy endured a few quieter years career-wise before she landed a role in the film that would catapult her to the top of the A-list: Bridesmaids.

Since then McCarthy’s been an industry staple, starring in and producing box office hit after hit with her actor/producer husband Ben Falcone. In addition to their on-screen creativity, Melissa and Ben share two daughters: Vivian, 11, and Georgette, 8, who, according to McCarthy, are diving into the world of cinema themselves.

“I don’t think they know how lucky we are to get to [work] together,” Melissa told InStyle of her children’s awareness of what she and Ben do every day. “They’re moving into an amazing age where we’ve started watching some of my and Ben’s favorite movies, and they’re really starting to talk about story and plot — which is very funny coming from a third grader and a sixth grader. They’re starting to be able to watch things that move them. They just watched Steel Magnolias and they got very upset, and I said, you should be upset, it’s really challenging — I’ve never made it through once without crying.” Who has??

As for the show that quietly groomed the comedian for superstardom, she’s planning to introduce her daughters to it soon, but there’s just one speedbump in the way …

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association And InStyle Party At 2018 Toronto International Film Festival - Arrivals
Credit: Michael Tran/Getty Images

“I think they’re ready now,” McCarthy told us at the InStyle HFPA party at TIFF on Saturday. “I’ve been waiting for the third grader to catch up, but I think they’re actually ready. It’s totally a family show. They still — if anybody kisses they cover their eyes, so I was waiting until they wouldn’t [cover their eyes] through like all of it, but I think they’re ready.”

Looks like the ballad of Luke and Lorelai may have to wait a couple years.