Melissa McCarthy's Surprising Clothing-Line Collaborator? Gloria Steinem

Melissa McCarthy - Lead
Photo: Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for HSN

Melissa McCarthy just launched her Melissa McCarthy Seven7 collection online today, and it has a couple surprise collaborators. Not only did her daughter, Vivian, draw several of the cat designs on her tops and sweaters, McCarthy also included Gloria Steinem in her initial launch.

One of the collection’s tees features a quote by Steinem that says, “Self-esteem isn’t everything. It’s just that there’s nothing without it.”

Melissa McCarthy - Embed

“It’s one of my favorite quotes on the planet,” McCarthy told us at her preview for the collection in New York City. “It encompasses everything that helps girls and women. It’s a really powerful statement, and I wanted to put it on a T-shirt and remind me people of it.” Proceeds from sales of the shirt go to the Ms. Foundation for Women, which Steinem started in 1972.

“I met [Steinem] once when my husband and I went to see her speak,” said McCarthy. “She had the lightest, loveliest personality. I kept thinking she spent her whole life fighting for women and she’s still this light, positive, hopeful person. I followed up with her after about the quote, and I’m so lucky she said yes,” McCarthy added.

The top features an ingenious design that veils the saying beneath a piece of chiffon. “I love that when I wear this, people have to work hard to figure out what it says,” McCarthy explained. “By the time they get it, it’s not a passing thing. Somehow that makes it even better that people actually have to stop, look at it, try to read it, and then when they get it they’re like ‘Wow, that’s great.’”

McCarthy identifies with Steinem’s message of positivity throughout her collection, noting that it’s about making women feel good about themselves and confident enough to take on the world. “Gloria Steinem has been fighting for that forever,” McCarthy said. “She’s 81 and she’s still out there in this country and other countries, fighting to make women equal and feel good about themselves. I think that’s pretty bionic.”

Scoop up the shirt for $54 at

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