By Sam Reed
Updated Oct 02, 2018 @ 11:00 am
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We love a good theme as much as the next person, and apparently, so does First Lady Melania Trump.

On Monday, FLOTUS departed from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for Ghana, the first stop on her week-long African tour —and she put her best, leopard print stiletto-clad foot forward. Do you get it? Because leopards are native to Africa? *Insert good-natured chuckle here.*

See for yourself, the moment captured in all its glory by some very attentive Getty Images photographers:

Credit: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

Melania matched her stilettos to her explorer-brown suede Vince trench (on sale for $750) — another in her extensive collection of belted wrap coats. Though we've seen her wear such coats on a number of varied occasions, there is a particular Carmen Sandiego feel to the look when paired with her sunglasses and her ever-present accessory, her Secret Service security detail. The only difference is that we know where in the world Melania will be going. First stop: Ghana, followed by Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt, where the First Lady will continue to promote her Be Best campaign on a global scale.

Credit: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

An outfit change was made on board Air Force One, but no, she didn't change into that olive green parka — not this time, at least. Instead, the First Lady stepped out in a candy stripe-inspired shirt dress by Celine (according to CNN's Kate Bennett), which featured a tie-like neck detail and crisp, almost vertigo-inducing striped patterns. (Don't stare for too long before your first cup of coffee, trust me.) She capped off the look with hospital-white Manolo Blahnik pumps, which she swapped for flats before heading to an actual hospital to visit children.

Credit: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images
Credit: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images
Credit: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

Though we've rarely seen an instance in which Melania's choice of designer is a calculated attempt to send some kind of message (à la Michelle Obama, who often chose ensembles by designers who were native to the country she was visiting as a show of good will), one might read into her decision to wear Celine as statement about women's empowerment. The dress is from Phoebe Philo's days at the brand, before it was shaken up by Saint Laurent alum Hedi Slimane.

As the latter showed his first collection for the Parisian brand last week, it was Philo — whose following is so devout that they've been lovingly nicknamed Philophiles — that the fashion world couldn't stop talking about, particularly her acute understanding of women's lives (being a woman helps there) and the practical yet unshakably chic designs she created. Slimane was seen as the out-of-touch-foil to his predecessor at this pivotal point in the history of women's rights. But again, the Celine connection is a stretch.

Fashion conspiracies aside, we have to admit that this is perhaps the happiest we've seen the First Lady in a long while. Even Kate Bennett, CNN's White House correspondent who covers the FLOTUS beat, noted that her joyous wave to the press before departing the U.S. was an uncharacteristic move. Maybe, just maybe, Melania's happy to get away from her adopted country for a little while. What with her husband belittling female reporters and all the Brett Kavanaugh drama — which she has stayed mum about, save for a fashion stunt which Twitter is convinced was a show of support for the judge's accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — we'd be happy to get away for a week, too.