Melania Trump Either Wore a Very Expensive Pink Coat or a Bathrobe

The internet can't decide.

When she came out to greet the Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez and First Lady María Juliana Ruiz Sandoval, Melania Trump made a bold statement in a (now sold-out) hot pink Fendi coat with mink cuffs. It wasn't the bold color, the Kate Middleton-approved silhouette, or the fur that drew ire from the internet. Instead, Twitter users noted that the coat looked like it was more appropriate for indoor lounging, not to greet heads of state. Yahoo reports that people just thought it looked like a fancy bathrobe.

Estimated to cost approximately $3,570 the Fendi coat features a hot pink Prince of Wales pattern and bright pink, furry cuffs. The wide, tie belt and relaxed shape drew comparisons to a housecoat or bathrobe, making this a possible case of White House athleisure.

Trump Melania Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez First Lady Maria Juliana Ruiz Sandoval
Win McNamee/Getty Images

It could just be the latest in a long line of Melania statement coats. She's worn white Gucci, that infamous Zara jacket, and a less controversial army jacket, all of which sparked speculation from every corner of the internet.

Melania has made statements through color before, too. While it's not clear what hot pink could mean for U.S.-Columbian relations, she did attend last year's State of the Union address in white, which may or may not have been in support of women's suffrage. Back in 2017, Melania had another hot-pink moment, when she wore a blazing neon Delpozo dress to speak on child hunger. That time around, she drew criticism because her dress cost $2,950 and she was saying that "no child should ever feel hungry."

One thing's for sure — Melania's not afraid to make a fashion statement.

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