By Christopher Luu
Feb 05, 2019 @ 11:45 pm

While many congresswomen wore white to tonight's State of the Union address, the country's first lady decided to wear a deep navy blue. But it wasn't the color of her military-inspired dress that caught the attention of viewers. The fact that Melania Trump was wearing just one glove overshadowed all of the other details of her SOTU outfit.

When she entered the House Chamber for the president's speech, Melania was greeted by a round of applause and many pointed out that her dark-colored outfit stood in stark contrast to the white seen around the room — including on President Trump's daughter, Tiffany. Last year, Melania wore white, though she didn't mention anything about the suffrage movement or MeToo at the time.

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SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

Hervé Pierre, Melania's stylist, confirmed to Yahoo that the sheath dress was by Burberry, but didn't mention anything about her wearing just one glove. In fact, he told Yahoo that the outfit was meant to include both, since the gloves made the coat dress look "very First Lady and very appropriate."

Melania wore the single leather glove on her left hand and, intentional or not, she ended up removing it partway through the event. She was later photographed with bare hands and her usual diamond ring.

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