Will Melania Trump Continue This New Year's Eve Fashion Tradition in 2018?

Melania Trump Pink New Years
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On New Year's Eve at Mar-a-Lago, Melania Trump wears pink.

This, at least, according to images of the first lady at the family's Palm Beach resort from 2000, 2002 and 2017 (she broke tradition when she opted for black in 2016, when her husband was president elect).

Melania has made it a habit to reach for the same familiar shade of pale, pastel pink for her gowns, all of which had a bit of shine, if not sparkle, woven throughout.

In 2000, she rang in Y2K with a sequined floor-length spaghetti strap gown — a farewell to the '90s if we've ever seen one.

New Year's At Mar-A-Lago
Davidoff Studios Photography/Getty Images

Two years later, she wore a silkier number in the same hue, followed by her can't-miss-it embellished Erdem look from 2017.

New Year's Eve At Mar-A-Lago
Davidoff Studios Photography/Getty Images

According to color expert Elaine Ryan, the hue is associated with romance and femininity in the traditional sense, however, it also sends a "non-threatening" message.

“In this time, when women are being seen by some as usurping the power from men, pink sends the message of non-threatening, feminine, and 'taking a back seat,'" she told us of the color, which we dubbed "passenger-seat pink" earlier this year. As for the symbolism behind Melania's decision to make it her New Year's color of choice — especially on a holiday where bold metallics reign — the color may be a conscious or subconscious means of telling the world that she's supporting the Donald as the new year approaches, and letting him take the spotlight.

Melania isn't the only First Lady to become infatuated with the color, however. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower was so attracted to the hue that it became affectionately referred to as "First Lady" or "Mamie" pink.

The Trumps are expected to return to their Mar-a-Lago resort for the annual New Year's Eve bash this year, which has previously been attended by a cast of characters, including Trump administration officials like Steve Mnuchin, the president's children Eric and Ivanka Trump (the latter of whom attended with hubby Jared Kushner and her children) and Sylvester Stallone.

Melania's been something of a fashion wildcard lately, what with her (kind of) brief stint as a blonde and whatnot, so we can't say for sure what color she'll reach for to ring in 2019. As long as it's not a statement jacket, we think she'll be fine.

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