The baked good found a new home for the price of $1,880.

By Isabel Jones
Updated Feb 13, 2019 @ 2:15 pm

An artist famous for "Piss Christ" just purchased a slice of Donald and Melania Trump’s 2005 wedding cake for $1,880, and we have a lot of questions.

First off, it wasn’t their actual, proper wedding cake — which reportedly cost $50,000 and wasn’t actually served to guests due to structural problems (which really sounds like a metaphor for a certain administration, no?). Instead, the bride and groom served mini cakes in little mongrammed boxes to their 350 guests.

Donald Melania Trump Wedding Cake
Credit: RR Auction/Facebook

Experimental artist Andres Serrano won a mini-cake at auction (congrats, I guess), and we’re wildly curious about what he plans to do with it. “I’ve got something on my mind and it’s much more than cake!” he told reporters in regard to the unconventional purchase.

But honestly, before we speculate about what potentially blasphemous thing Serrano will do to POTUS’s 14-year-old baked good, can we address this whole selling your wedding cake trend? It’s not the first time an egregiously old slice of celebrity wedding cake has gone to auction — but why are people keeping it around? It’s one thing to maybe save a slice of your own cake for sentimental reasons, but to actually keep enough that you decide to auction it off? It takes a truly money-minded person to think, “Hey, let’s save enough of our wedding cake that we can profit from its sales at auction.”

Donald Melania Trump Wedding Cake
Credit: Getty Images

We literally cannot wait to see what the infamous “Piss Christ” artist has in mind for the elderly wedding favor, but it’s probably safe to say it won’t be a fitting anniversary present for the First Couple.