A new book offers an inside look at the first lady's life in the White House. 


CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett’s upcoming book, Free Melania, offers insights on a subject that has puzzled the public for nearly 3 years: The life and times of First Lady Melania Trump.

In a new article adapted from Bennett’s book, the reporter touches on a few topics explored in the work, including the Trumps' sleeping arrangement. As long rumored, Bennett confirms that the first lady and President Donald Trump do not share a bedroom. In fact, they don’t even really share the same floor. Bennett writes that Melania “prefers her own large, private space in a suite of rooms on a separate floor” within the 30,000 square foot executive residence.

Donald Trump Melania Trump
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As for her impact on White House matters, Bennett says Melania carries more influence than one might expect. The first lady shares her opinions on both political and staffing matters with her husband “oftentimes more than once a day, via telephone.” And when input isn’t enough to move the dial, sometimes FLOTUS will take matters into her own hands, as was the case when she released a statement effectively ousting senior national security adviser Mira Ricardel without her husband’s go-ahead.

Though thin on sourcing within the article, Bennett writes that Trump’s relationship with First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been contentious in the years since Donald took office. The strange political dynamic has reportedly “caused drama.”

Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography will be released on Dec. 3.