Putting the trick in trick-or-treat.


On Monday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump celebrated their third Halloween at the White House by passing out candy to children of military families, as well as local elementary school students. But it wasn't the choice of candy that had people talking.

In a video from the event, the Trumps can be seen attempting to pass out candy to a child in a blow-up minion costume. Rather than put the candy in the kid's bag, the president tapped the child's inflatable costume head with a full-sized Hershey bar, leaving it sitting on top (and out of reach of the child's outstretched hands). The first lady followed suit, laughing as the candy bars fell off the costume-head.

The confused minion appeared to be unaware of the candy's whereabouts until a woman came to the rescue and dropped the candy in the bag.

Naturally, people had comments about the incident.

Some also pointed out that the Trumps were giving out full-sized candy bars, which, to be honest, we're not sure makes this situation better or worse.

According to CNN, the theme of the night was "haunted forest," with silhouetted cutouts of large, black trees with creepy bare branches placed on the columns of the White House South Portico.

The event took place amid a week in which House Democrats have pushed ahead with impeachment inquiry plans.