Meghan Trainor Celebrates New Dance Video Game with a Hip-Shaking Concert

Meghan Tranior Lead
Photo: Invision for Ubisoft

Meghan Trainor was on a hip-shaking mission last night. “I’m going to walk through the crowd and make them dance," the 21-year-old hit-maker declared when InStyle caught up with her at Venice Beach’s Microsoft Lounge, where she was on hand to deliver a pop-up concert for 75 eager high school students in celebration of Ubisoft’s video game Just Dance 2016 ($40 to $50;

The game, an epic feat of dance-your-face-off gaming and new phone-to-system technology, now features her songs, “Better When I’m Dancin’” and “All About That Bass.” Being part of a dance event was a natural fit for the star, who was dressed in a color-blocked BCBG top and a pink leopard-print Ohne Titel skirt, since grooving, moving, and shaking is always on her mind. She said she's keen to busts moves in her car, at home, or whenever else she feels the urge—like playing the game itself. "When your songs are in a video game, it's feels like a confirmation that I've made it," she said. "I’m honored. It’s very special."

Before she belted out her set, Trainor shared some advice for the young, impressionable crowd—especially the girls. "As a songwriter, I never thought that I would put out "All About That Bass" and be the face of all body shaming," she said. "But people call me their idols and they tell me that I inspire them to love themselves and that’s more than a songwriter can ever ask for."

And she's got plenty more pearls of wisdom to share. Her biggest advice for young girls? "Be patient," she urged. "Life gets way better over time. You’ve got to learn yourself. You’ve got to learn your body. You’ve got to learn to love it and it will take time and it will be hard, but it will get better. I promise it will get better, way better."

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