How Pregnant Meghan Markle Is Handling the Zika Virus Threat Abroad

If you're a pregnant woman living internationally, the threat of the Zika virus is still a very real thing. And as of Monday, it is also something Meghan Markle now has to worry about.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced early Monday morning that they are expecting their first child in spring 2019, but the happy news was met with some well-intended concern. Harry and Meghan just landed in Australia for a half month-long royal tour, and as of right now, their itinerary includes stops in Fiji and Tonga. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made it clear that these are areas with risk of Zika, which can cause severe birth defects when caught by pregnant women.

As of right now, reports say this risk won't really change the plan, though caution is being taken. A palace spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight that Markle is in "good health," and reports say she received medical advice before taking off on tour.

She will be touching down in Fiji and Tonga, despite being pregnant, but Markle won't be doing every single part of the tour. ET says that Harry will go to the Fiji War Memorial and Colo-i-Suva forest solo.

There isn't yet a vaccine or medicine to help prevent or treat Zika, but the CDC recommends talking over the risks with a doctor before going anywhere prone to it. If this Fiji and Tonga trip is still on, we'd imagine Markle did just that.

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