Meghan Markle's Reaction To Seeing Her Wedding Dress Is Everything

The entire world waited with a feverish anticipation to see what Meghan Markle's wedding dress would look like and now, we can all see the Duchess of Sussex getting a little emotional seeing her gown and the spectacular veil that accompanied it before they were prepped for a royal exhibition. According to People, a new video captures the first time that Markle saw the dress since her wedding day — and fans will get a chance to witness her reaction firsthand thanks to a brand-new documentary set to air on ITV.

Queen of the World is a two-part special that will feature members of the royal family speaking about the Queen and the impact she's had on the Commonwealth and the U.K. Markle is set to have a "sit-down chat" during the special, so she put her newfound royal skills to work before she jets off on her very first official royal tour to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga alongside Prince Harry.

In the clip, viewers witness Meghan inspecting her gown, which was created by Givenchy, as well as the details in her veil. By now, every royal watcher knows that it was decorated with flowers from all of the 53 Commonwealth countries, but there were a few extra blooms sprinkled in. The Givenchy atelier also added wintersweet, a flower that grows at Kensington Palace right in front of Nottingham Cottage, and the California poppy, the official state flower of California — Markle was born in Canoga Park, a city near Los Angeles, in the Golden State. She even mentions her tour, saying that visiting three countries will keep her and the prince pretty busy.

Markle admires the gown from top to bottom and then takes some time to look at all the careful embroidery, smiling all the while. She's not the only royal set to feature in the show. Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate, and Prince Harry will also appear to share stories about the Queen, who also has some screen time. Viewers will get to see her recording her annual Christmas message and just like a true queen, she demands perfection. After birds interrupt her initial recording, she does it all over again. She hopes that dedication will be what she's remembered for. Well, that and the Corgis.

"As the family and world leaders discuss the importance of the Commonwealth to the Queen, the series will document the way in which she passes her knowledge and experience to the younger generations," ITV said in a statement.

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