It's never too late for a lesson in royal wedding tradition, so settle in.

Kensington Palace confirmed on Friday that since Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, will not attend due to surgery, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, will instead walk her “down the aisle of the Quire of St. George’s Chapel.”

But here's the kicker: Markle will be walking herself partially down the aisle during Saturday's ceremony—a move that’s as bold as it sounds.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Cardiff Castle
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

If you read the fine print in the palace’s statement, Charles will only walk her from the Quire (which is basically where the VIPs sit) to the foot of the altar, meaning there’s an entirely different game plan before Markle reaches said Quire. I told you it was time for a lesson.

According to CNN, the bride-to-be has officially chosen to walk herself down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel for most of the procession, making a respectably badass feminist statement that throws years of British tradition out the window. She’ll be the first royal bride in the U.K. to be completely alone down the aisle.

Let’s break down her path between the pews. Basically, Markle is going to enter the church—looking regal in her white, to-be-determined wedding gown—and begin marching toward Prince Harry completely alone until she reaches the chapel nave, aka the center of the church. In other words, she’s not being accompanied by a male figure, which is the norm.

From there, CNN reports that, “she will be accompanied in this first part of the wedding procession only by her bridesmaids and page boys, with the senior church figure walking ahead.”

As mentioned, she’ll then meet Prince Charles at the Quire, and once he gets her to the foot of the altar, she’s said to make history again. How so? Instead of allowing Charles to “give her away” to Harry, she’s going to present herself to him, letting Charles stand back and walking straight up to her prince. Get it, girl.

So whose brilliant ideas was this? According to CNN, it was all Markle’s, and she had always intended to walk the first part of the procession solo, even before the drama with her father.

We suggest someone request Destiny’s Child “Independent Women, Pt. I” at the reception.