Meghan Markle Met Her Mini-Me in Sydney

In addition to receiving her very first baby gifts, checking out the Sydney Opera House, and meeting Australian heads of state, Meghan Markle's found one thing she probably didn't expect Down Under: a lookalike. According to People, during their stop in Sydney, Meghan and Prince Harry met up with a crowd of fans at the Opera House, where a face in the crowd looked very familiar.

"We feel she looks a bit like you," a person says in a video posted by Instagram user Harry_Meghan_Updates.

To which Markle replies: "I was literally about to say the same thing!"

Meghan Markle - Lead
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

The person in question was also wearing a shirt that read "Girls Can Do Anything." It was the shirt that caught Harry's attention first, but he noticed the similarities between his wife and the fan straight away. People notes that the prince even broke royal protocol to take a photo with mini Meghan. Royals are supposed to adhere to a very strict no autographs and no selfies rule, but it's not every day that a royal meets her doppelganger.

Markle was all smiles when she met the still-nameless girl, though People doesn't mention whether or not she got a selfie à la Harry. Tuesday's trip to the Opera House marks the royal couple's last day in the Aussie city. They're off to Dubbo next, where they'll meet with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which is a group of emergency responders and doctors that serve those living in rural, remote areas of Australia, not a new Avengers spin-off, and farmers who are dealing with long-term drought.

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