The Duchess of Sussex apparently loves to experiment with sequined headwear.

We’re finally getting some clarity about Meghan Markle’s mysterious turn as guest editor for British Vogue’s September 2019 issue. On Thursday, the magazine shared an intimate behind-the-scenes video of a conversation between the Duchess of Sussex and Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful.

In said video, Markle and Enninful call some of the women who ended up on the issue’s cover, including Laverne Cox, Adwoa Aboah, Yara Shahidi (the “very first name” Markle had in mind for the cover), and Jane Fonda.

Fonda, the last caller heard in the video, praises Markle for using her “amazing platform and strong voice.”

But the best part of the behind-the-scenes look? The “surprise” Markle bestows upon Enninful. The royal disappears off-camera for a moment to grab herself and Enninful a pair of tiny glittering top hats with mini veils and sequined brims. “We just celebrate that we have made this happen,” she tells him. Is this how Markle routinely celebrates? With ridiculous hats? Is this what the monarchy has done to her??

Anyway, if you haven’t yet gotten your S.O. a Valentine’s Day gift, maybe consider a tiny sparkly hat — it’s inspired by royalty, after all!