By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Oct 23, 2018 @ 10:15 am

If royal fashion rules are kind of strict, then tiara protocol is straight up authoritarian. Regulation surrounding this type of bling is even more regimented than the family's fashion do's and don'ts, mostly because tiaras are family heirlooms only worn on private nighttime occasions.

Because of the rules that govern the jewelry, new royal Meghan Markle has had a very limited number of occasions in which she's been qualified to wear one.

In the five months since her royal wedding, we've only seen her wear a tiara once, as she walked down the aisle in Queen Elizabeth's 1932 Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau tiara. This week marked Markle's second opportunity to wear one without seriously breaking rules — but she opted out.

Credit: Ian Vogler/Getty Images

Royal tiara protocol dictates that only married royals can wear them, for private evening occasions, such as the state dinner Markle attended with Prince Harry hosted by Fiji's president Jioji Konrote. Markle stunned in an Elsa-from-Frozen-worthy Safiyaa gown for her first royal evening event, tiara not included.

Credit: Ian Vogler/Getty Images

Ultimately, we don't know why she spurned the opportunity, but her outfit did pay homage to her host country, like many of her tour looks thus far. The cape dress she wore was appropriately Fijian blue. It also highlighted her baby bump.

Credit: Ian Vogler/Getty Images

Tiara or no tiara, she still looked like a Disney princess in our eyes.