This Photo of Meghan Markle and a Young Admirer Is a Meme Waiting to Happen

So. Cute. 

It looks like nobody is immune to Meghan Markle's magnetic charm. During a special visit to see kids put on a show at London’s National Theatre, Markle wasn't the only one entertained. The cast of pre-teens were completely entranced by the day's headliner: The Duchess of Sussex. Kensington Palace's official Twitter account caught one particularly enthusiastic admirer practically fawning over Markle, and to that kid, we say, same.

Meghan took in Edith Neville Primary School's performance of War Horse at the National Theatre, which was being put on to celebrate Armistice Day. Meghan came with a surprise, too, telling the cast that she'd seen them before. According to People, she'd watched the same troupe perform last December.

"You guys did an amazing job when I saw you perform right before Christmas," she said as she held her growing stomach. "I snuck in and watched. It was great, I didn’t want to leave. So this will be like a take two. But you're much quieter than when I was last here!"

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The National Theatre
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The kiddos were clearly starstruck. In one photo shared by the palace, followers can see that they were completely enamored by her every word, especially this guy.

The students said that they'd been told to expect a VIP, but they didn't expect the duchess. Some thought Rita Ora would make an appearance, and others thought a different actress would show up.

Student Tahmina Begum, 10, told reporters, "We didn't know Meghan was coming, I thought it was maybe another actress – Emma Watson. Meghan knows how it feels for us as she used to be an actress, so I hope she was impressed by what she saw."

The trip marks Meghan's very first visit to the National Theatre since the Queen announced it as one of her official patronages. As an actor herself, there's no doubt she shared some insider knowledge. In addition to meeting with the kids, she made a point to introduce herself to the people who worked backstage, too. No sense in keeping all that charm and charisma to herself.

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