Samantha Markle is down a platform. 


Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha has been eager to rain on her parade (or, you know, the Queen’s) at Every. Single. Turn. Whether issuing a predictable jab (calling the Duchess of Sussex a “liar”) or a more creative barb (noting her surprise that the church Archie was christened in “did not catch fire” when her sister walked inside), Samantha Markle always manages to snag a few headlines in the crossfire.

And though it seems the world is Samantha’s stage, rife with opportunities for her to publicly slander her younger sister, it appears that at least one of her go-to outlets is fighting back against the vitriol. It was recently reported that the elder Markle’s Twitter account (her main one, at least), was suspended.

Many questions come to mind, namely, 1) After more than a year of spewing hate, what finally caught Twitter’s watchful eye? And, 2) Did the palace have something to do with it?

It’s unclear how deep the British royal family’s power and influence actually runs, but considering Samantha’s comments about Archie’s christening and the fact that she posed a perceived threat great enough to land on Scotland Yard’s “fixated persons” list, it seems likely that the crown would do what they could to quiet “Sammy.”

But suspension aside, it looks like Samantha has at least two other accounts on the platform (@MarkleSammyM, @SammyMarkle1), so one way or another, we’ll probably be hearing from Meghan’s sis in the future.