People Think Meghan Markle Is Running the Sussex Instagram Account

And the evidence is pretty compelling. 

Before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she had an active presence on the internet with her lifestyle website The Tig and social media accounts, which boasted a large following. However, she had to erase her online footprint when she married Prince Harry — a small price to pay on the road to royalty.

But recently, Meghan and Harry launched a joint Instagram account following their split from Kensington Palace. This month, the couple have championed causes near and dear to their hearts and offered glimpses into their official appearances on their grid. And while most royal social pages (with the exception of Princess Eugenie and a few others) are manned by staff, people have been quick to think that Meghan herself is running things online.

Commonwealth Day 2019
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

We must admit that the evidence for this theory is pretty compelling, and even a group of royal commentators suggest the speculation is true.

Perhaps the biggest giveaway that it's Meghan behind the keyboard is the personal and informal language used on many of the photo captions. For example, when Megs and Harry thanked everyone for donations in lieu of baby gifts, the caption spelled out the word "you" in all capital letters and used the American word "diapers" instead of the British equivalent of "nappies."

One royal editor, in particular, Chris Ship of ITV News wholeheartedly believes it's Meghan connecting directly with royal fans, and applauds her down to earth approach. "I think Meghan has written most of those Insta posts. And good for her. Why should we not expect the principals to do thinks [sic] directly and personally," he wrote on Twitter. "Should we not applaud her for her personal and direct involvement? Much better than asking staff to do it, no?"

If Ship and others are right, we are beyond thrilled to officially welcome Meghan back to the 'Gram!

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