By Olivia Bahou
Updated Jan 19, 2018 @ 10:15 am

Meghan Markle is continuing to change the royal rules. After rocking a messy bun to not one but two official engagements, and even showing her collarbones in an off-the-shoulder jacket, Markle broke royal protocol on Thursday when she was greeting fans in the crowd.

The royal family is typically supposed to politely refuse giving autographs or taking selfies, but according to People, Markle did both during Thursday’s visit to Wales. The former Suits star graciously granted 10-year-old Caitlin Clark’s request to sign her autograph book, writing, “Hi Kaitlin” along with a heart and a smiley face.

Meghan Markle Autograph
Credit: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

“I don’t really care,” she told reporters about the misspelling. “My heart is still racing. I’ve never gotten a royal autograph before. This is going to make everyone jealous.”

Markle also posed for at least one selfie with a teen admirer, something that you won’t often see royals like Kate Middleton or Prince William do. The royal family is reportedly forbidden from giving out their signature to avoid the risk of it being forged.

Considering Markle got her start in Hollywood, some habits could be hard to shake.

From her messy bun to his mismatched earrings and skinny jeans, the American is breathing some fresh air into the royal family.