Meghan Markle's Royal Life Will Change Once Prince William Becomes King

As far as we know, our corgi-loving 92-year-old super-grandma, Queen Elizabeth (long may she reign), isn't immortal, and soon it will be Prince Charles's turn to take the throne. And then Prince William's.

We know, a future without our favorite shade thrower seems impossible, but one day Prince William will rule, and we all need to take a deep breath and accept that. It'll spark a slew of changes for pretty much everyone connected to him, and of course that doesn't exclude sister-in-law Meghan Markle.

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While the changes in Markle's life won't be as significant as Kate Middleton's (Will she go with "Queen Kate" or "Queen Catherine"? TBD), things will nonetheless change her already topsy-turvy life. Former royal butler Grant Harrold told Express that much this week in an interview.

“The Duchess of Sussex will have an important role to develop as one day she will be sister in law to the king,” he said. "She will take on duties on behalf of the monarch as we see the royals do today for the queen.”

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It might seem like she's checked that box already. She and Queen Elizabeth spent part of the summer palling around and making embarrassing family memories (sans Prince Harry), but once William is a king, those kind royal visits will only intensify.

"Both royal duchesses have important roles to fulfill,” Grant explained. “I imagine we will see more of the Duchess of Cambridge as she prepares for her future role as queen.”

Well, we'll see Kate once she's off maternity leave in October, that is. At least we've got Markle to hold us over in the meantime.

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