It sounds like the duchess has been hard at work during her six-week break.


Meghan Markle may be on a break from royal duties at the moment, but it sounds like she's still hard at work.

The Telegraph reports the Duchess of Sussex has connected with a PR firm from her acting days to plan the U.S. launch of the Sussex Royal Foundation, the charity she and Prince Harry have founded in the U.K.

Sources confirmed to the Telegraph that she recently met with Keleigh Thomas Morgan, her former publicist and a partner at PR firm Sunshine Sachs, while in the States visiting her mother with Prince Harry and baby Archie. Meghan is reportedly in "work mode" and "taking the reins" on the project, which will be launched in the new year.

"This is a mission that Meghan has been on for a long time," a source told the Telegraph. “Even in her younger years in Hollywood, she wanted to work towards creating an international charity changing lives. Now that she has the platform and profile of being a British royal, she can truly build this plan."

Although the Sussexes have taken a six-week sabbatical to spend time with family over the holidays, it sounds like Meghan's (reportedly great) work ethic is still as steadfast as ever.

"While Harry and Meghan are technically on rest, she is not the type of woman who likes doing nothing; so this break actually could be seen by some as very fortuitous," the source said.

The Telegraph adds that the duchess is reportedly looking to her connections in Hollywood to help get the word out there about the new U.S. venture.

According to the outlet, Sunshine Sachs's services are being paid for "privately."

"What is most interesting is that Meghan feels that while the charity will be a worldwide venture, she sees Hollywood and American business circles as key to fundraising," the source said. "Meghan feels that focusing on fundraising stateside will bring in tens of millions of dollars quickly."